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Red worms, also known as Eisenia Fetida, are typically used for vermicomposting. They’re there to work for you by converting your organic wastes (like kitchen scraps, dried leaves, days old animal manure, etc.) into quality-made compost. But aside from that, these worms can also be made into fish bait, and are common favorites of fishermen and commercial growers.

Worm breeders usually grow their compost pals extra large as well. These earth-wonders can definitely be resold at this condition (to commercial growers and fishermen) given that they’re provided with the right diet supplement. So how do you double the size of your worms? Simple. All you’ll need is the a worm bedding, ample food supply, right amount of moisture, aeration, and temperature.

Prepare your worm bedding

Before you can achieve extra large composting worms, you must first prepare your worm bedding. You can either use a bedding that is made out of animal manure (days old) and/or peat moss. You’ll also need some food to feed your worms (specifically some corn mash or Purina worm chow that are usually sold in feed stores), a moisture meter, a compost thermometer, and some water. Now, after you’ve prepared everything in your list, you may then proceed to making your worm bedding. You can start by bedding your worms with animal manure and/or peat moss. You can also add in other organic materials such as shredded newspaper or some presoaked cardboard. After this, mix the bedding a little to enable the air to circulate properly (worms need this to breathe right).

The right supply of worm food

To achieve the best possible size for your red wiggler worms, you may feed them some corn mash, Purina worm chow, or some rabbit droppings. And since worms are vegetarians, it’s only appropriate that you feed them products that are non-dairy. They can also be fed with other animal manure (make sure that the manures are days old, pre-composted, washed, and leached).

Breathing room for your worms

The moisture in your worm bedding should always be checked. You can always monitor this by using a moisture meter. Aside from that, the bedding for your red wigglers should always have a 75% to 80% moisture content. If it’s below that percentage, then you can always spray a little water on the worm bedding to achieve the right amount of moisture. And since we’re trying to achieve larger worms, it’s advisable to keep the moisture content to more than 80%.

Check the temperature

Like a moisture meter, there’s a compost thermometer (available at garden centers and nurseries) that you can use to check for the temperature in your worm bedding. The bedding for your worm composting pals should have a temperature range of 57 to 77 degrees. 

And there you go! You can double the size of your red worms anytime you want. Just always make sure their fed with the right diet supplements, and provided with the right surroundings.